RE : Artist 8 / Win8.1 (misc.) Help?

Hi folks,

I started a thread but it has taken a slight turn due to some recent issues. I hope it is ok please to ask anyone who thinks they may be able to help to follow this LINK to the thread:

The questions commence on 22 April 2015 at 23:55 (ie the last 5 x posts by myself). I had my Win8 REFORMATTED last month and I am still not able to get a smooth running of CUBASE. In which case, if I can’t source some solutions then I will need to return it to the PC store again. But hopefully someone might be able to help here.

Again, I hope it is permissible for me to write here as I do not want to be found guilty of multi-posting. Therefore, please REPLY on the other thread (ie the LINKED one).

Thanks in advance,

Paul Seaman