Re-assign midi cc in a track?

I’ve been working on a very large symphony orchestral project for many years.
When I started I used a strings sample library that didn’t support cc 1 (modulation) for dynamic changes (swells) and at that time I used cc 8 (main volume) to draw my curves in the controller lane.
Now, at the end of the project I have updated my strings library to LA Strings for Kontakt which of course uses cc 1 (modulation) for dynamic changes.

My question is:

Is there an easy way to re-assign main volume data (cc 8) from a track/part to modulation data (cc 1)?
I know the copy and paste method, copying the curves and paste them to the other controller lane but it is way too time consuming as my project is three hours long and has about 20 tracks.

In Cinewinds for Kontakt, which I also use, there is a re-assign cc menu, letting me do the work easily, but with the strings or in Cubase 8 I just can’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome,

Yes, there is Easy way. You Logical Editor please. Select all MIDI tracks, where you want to make this change, and open the Logical Editor:
Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller nr.) | Equal | 8

Value 1 | Set fixed Value | 1

As an Action, keep “Transform” selected.

Click Process.

All MIDI CC8 will be replaced by MIDI CC1, and the Value will stay, as it was.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much!! You made my day and the days to come really :slight_smile:
Everything worked perfectly.