Re-assigning F1 key command

hi all,

New to Cubase, after a lifetime spent in Logic Pro (since ‘89). Very optimistic so far. A quick question if anyone cares to chime in: I’m trying to assign key commands to F1 and F2 buttons as Reverse and Forward. Success with F2, but F1 stubbornly refuses to let go of what seems to be burned in permanently for it, which is opening site. Any workaround suggestions/advice? Much appreciated!

The F1 key can’t normally be reassigned because it’s the standard Windows key for opening help files. You’ll have to use external software to change it to something else.

I agree that F1 also annoys me now-especially for those of us with offline studio computers. At the very least it would be nice if Steinberg would let us point F1 to our local help files in the preferences.

The help on that key is an absolute p!sstake. You can use KeyTweak to remap F1 to something else and vice versa.

Yes, it’s easy to do a global change- also can be done simply by creating a shortcut to the manual pdf file and assigning F1 in its shortcut field. But then, that’s all the F1 key does, everywhere.