Drag and drop from the file browser. Open in the lower zone. An overhaul update please.



they already impliment it in Sequel 3
here similiar request

Except this came out in 2011. It’s almost a decade later, with no changes.
If Cubase doesn’t implement something comparable to this in Cubase 11, I have to jump ship. I don’t know if it’s stubbornness, or just not listening to customers, but in some areas, they’re just falling behind at this point.

ummmmmmm, Groove Agent has 1000x more capabilities than what StudioOne has

First off, Groove Agent does NOT have more capabilities than Studio One.
Perhaps Cubase does, but that’s not what you said.

Also, Groove Agent has a lot of capabilities, but:

  1. You have to buy the full version of Groove Agent at $270 US to maximize it’s potential. Not exactly cheap.
  2. Just because there is more capabilities, as you say, doesn’t mean they’re usable.
    I’d rather have something that does 10 things well, than something that does 30 things kind of well.

And lastly, the video I referenced was a function within Studio One called “patterns”.
It is unbelievably intuitive, utilizes the “lower zone”, and skips the arduous, multi-step process, without losing any functionality.
Comparatively, Groove Agent + Drum editor/Beat Designer is just clunky and looks dated.

Groove Agent has its own sequencer editor.

Lower Zone is cool, but just create a Groove Agent + BeatDesigner workspace.

Thanks for bothering to read my post :unamused:

I give Studio One a (next) try since version 5 is out, the pattern editor und the way Presonus implemented the arranger is very comfortable for me. Consequently the pattern ist not a new track type, it’s event based, very simple to add non pattern based events. Next is the drummap, simple to use, straight forward.

Correct me please … GA is an option but you have to drop the pattern into the timeline when arranging the song and the pattern in the arrangement has no link to GA step sequencer. When changing the pattern in GA you have to replace the pattern in the arrangement.

After 5 years using Cubase Pro, for me, the program needs an overhaul for pattern editing/arranging. Let’s see what’s in the Novemberpackage.

My contention is that it’s hardly reason to jump ship on Cubase. I pretty well made an entire album with BeatDesigner as it is, but improvements would be good - doubt they’re coming in 11, probably 11.5. Didn’t see anything in the leaked manual to suggest otherwise.

When there’s been multiple threads about it for 5 years, and it’s still the same, it is a reason, for me at least (especially since it’s been implemented on other DAWs for a while). I can make an album with a drum machine and an 8-track, but it would take a lot longer than I’d like. As does this.

fair enough, probably a couple of those are my own threads including opening up 3rd party MIDI plugin dev.

Please Steinberg improve the beat designer its totally out of the game.