Re: Bridging Problems WIth 6.0.2?

Hi Folks,

After updating to 6.0.2 from the 6.0.1 beta, I’ve noticed that several 32-bit plugins that had loaded fine no longer load directly in Cubase. I have to bridge them with jBridge to get them to work.

Has anyone else experienced this? It’s proving to be one hell of an inconvenience… :confused:

For me, its bridging well. And by ‘well’ I mean, no worse than 6.0

If you’re using 32 bit plugins do you really need the 64 bit C6? They both work the same and if those 32 bit plugs were ok using memory at 32 bit they should work exactly the same now.

When I first upgraded to 64 bit, I had a problem with a few plug-ins as well. Here is something I found that helped.
Initially, I just put all the .dll files in the Steinberg\Cubase\VST plugins folder and almost NONE of them worked. I figured out that the ones that were not compatable was causing some of the others that were compatable not to work. The best explanation I could come up with was that as Cubase scans that folder, if it runs into a problem, it aborts the scan of the rest of the folder or something. What I did was to move them all out and move them back in one at a time. If you find one that screws the process up, take it out.