Re: Can someone say if there's a way around the VST RAM issu

Very interesting!
Seems to explain my crashes with Cubase if I switch to a new big project and having another big in the background.
After a new Cubase startup everything´s fine with the project.

I see you’re on 64-bit Windows, but are you running 64-bit Cubase as well? A 32-bit process running on 64-bit Windows still has RAM limitations that 64-bit apps don’t have. (Although you can do some wild things with jbridge to work around the limits to an extent.)

You would think that computers could these days but I wouldn’t really trust them with two very large projects on the go. You’re better off stability wise to run a fresh Project restarting Cubase to be sure your resources are at max. The time spent also gives one time to think about the new Project and your next moves etc.
NOBODY can predict what happens besides Cubase. Windows can do a number of things to feck up any DAW without you being aware. Best run as clean as possible.
Think like a house painter. Most of the work is in hours of preparation before a half hours painting. :smiley: Otherwise the paint falls off pretty quick.

I guess that the workaround is to get more RAM.


Another 4 gigs of RAM will only cost you about $40. I recently went from 12 gigs to 16 gigs, now reloading large projects without restarting Cubase has been much smoother now. RAM is so cheap in comparison with purchasing & learning another DAW due to your frustration with this. :slight_smile:

I have never seen this myself.

Are you using Cubase x64bit or 32bit?
If you are using Cubase x32bit there is the problem. You can’t use more then 3 GB of RAM. :wink:

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