RE... changing the channel number using the list editor.....

Hi, just I’m sure something I’m doing… I thought a single note bass line I had written on midi channel set to 9 would make a cool hi-hat rythm so I attempted to change the output channel to 10 using the list editor. The data shows the note output set to ten which is routed to a Roland JV-2080 and should basically now be accessing a drum kit on that. Sadly the output channel doesn’t change and continues playing the data as a musical note set to 9… anything i’m possibly overlooking here?
Many thanks for any help in advance… John.

On the MIDI or Instrument Track you are using check the Inspector. If the channel assigned in the Inspector is 9 then the channel data will be changed from 10 to 9 when it is sent. Try setting the channel in the inspector to 10 (forcing all data to channel 10) or ALL (pass the channel data through as is).

Yep, I had hidden the inspector and of course never even gave it a thought… I feel so damned stupid now :slight_smile: Thank you for the help raino, even if it DID make me feel a bit of a klutz :slight_smile:

No worries, we’ve all been there. Cubase is so big & often has multiple ways to get the same results that it’s easy to overlook stuff that in hindsight seems obvious.