RE: Config File Question

Hi -

I just upgraded from N5+NEK to N6+NEK. None of my config files are available (i.e. VST Connection presets, Key Commands, Audio Card Config, etc).

How do I get this in =to N6 easily?

Thank for the help.


Let me rephrase my question a bit. Can I import my N5.5 config files such as VST Connections (inputs, outputs, etc), Hardware naming, Key Commands, etc into N6 easily.



Yes, copy the relevant files/folders from N5 to N6 folders.

I am not sure what files they are. For example, what file hold all of my VST Connections presets? What file has all of my ASIO Device naming and enablement? What holds all of my custom keyboard shortcuts? I just need to know what files to copy. I sincerely appreciate your help.


The Steinberg App Data folder contains most, Program folder, others.

Take a look at this thread that FirepanMedia started.

It has a link to a knowledge base article that lists in detail, all the locations you are asking about.