Re-connecting Steinberg Sample Libraries from an external SSD with Nuendo12


I made a clean installed Win 11 with Nuendo 12 , Halion GA etc. I All of my associated sample libs from Steinberg have been stored on an external USB3.1 disk.

I now want to let Nuendo and GrooveAgent access these external libs. Therefore I would like to set the external SSD HD path to Nuendo. However I cannot find a way to do so. I would appreciate any help or hint.

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The Steinberg Library Manager is where you’d set that I think.

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Yes, Steinberg Library Manager is the application that allows you to manage the contents of Steinberg’s sound libraries. Use the “MOVE” feature in order to relocate the Samples/Factory Content directory.

thanks, but the Libraray Manager is moving Libraries. And there is nothing in my Library Manager. So I wonder where I can set the path from Nuendo or from Groove Agent to my Steinberg Library. Even when I try to set a path from Library Manager to all my Libraries in my SSD Sample directory, the library manager shows nothing (see screenshot) :thinking:

Go into the Steinberg directory where your libraries are and double click one of them. That should prompt open library manager and then follow the instructions.


@jbis, thank you so much !! you made my day :slight_smile:


Glad I could help! :+1:

Great, You give me best solution. Thank you so much…

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