Re: copy/paste all short notes in MIDI track

Is it possible, in one go, to copy (past), all short notes from a MIDI track (Cubase 10)
I only see how to delete them - ( MIDI / Functions / Delete notes)

Does somebody know this?


Yes, use the Logical Editor. I think there might be an example preset that does this, if not there is one that is close. You can assign Presets to Key Commands if you do something often.

On another note, for this topic only… wondering why the forum showed a “-1” reply count for raino’s reply and now shows “0” replies after I replied to this topic?

Regards :sunglasses:

Great!.. Raino…thanks!!..
I’m going to dive into it :slight_smile:

best Jeroen

Hadn’t noticed, but I think I know why. When I posted the reply my browser kept waiting for a response from the forum server until it timed out. I tried submitting several times without apparent success and indeed it looked like the whole forum was down. 10 minutes later all my previous attempts to post occurred all at once. So it had 3 identical posts & I deleted 2 of them.