Re-creating Micrologue Synth Strings

I need an advice. I jotted down an idea on Cubasis and now I would like to bring everything to Cubase to develop the song (that’s why I can’t just import the audio freeze). Micrologue (on Cubasis) sounds damn good and I’m trying to recreate the “Synth Strings” preset on Cubase. But even if I copy the settings of the two oscillators to Retrologue (in Cubase), they are very far from the original sound. I know those are different worlds, anyway… advice?

Hi lordadb,
If I understand you correctly, you want to transfer your idea from Cubasis and send it over to Cubase🤔
Ok, in Cubasis solo the midi track and set locators for length of track (not sure if doing this is necessary), go to MEDIA/Mixdown and select MIDI. Share this midi file with a folder (name it first) in FILES then transfer to a usb memory stick. Import this Midi file into an empty midi track in Cubase.
Hope this helps

Thank you, but maybe I explained myself wrong. I have successfully imported the song from Cubasis to Cubase (there is Cubasis Project Importer for that purpose) and I have all the MIDI parts. My goal is to recreate the sound of Micrologue’s “Synth Strings” preset on Cubase.

I understand now, I have just listened to the Micrologue’s Synth Strings and have replicated the sound on Synthmaster 2 in Cubasis3, but it should be easy to create this sound in Cubase using many different plugins, using two oscillators-one square wave and the 2nd a sawtooth, the sawtooth is set two octaves above the square wave with a very slow LFO added to both.
I have around 30 plugins in Cubase that can easily replicate this sound :+1:

Hi @lordadb,

Thanks for your message.

My goal is to recreate the sound of Micrologue’s “Synth Strings” preset on Cubase.

Normally you should get close using the Retrologue synth in Cubase. Does this help to recreate the sound?


Yes, it should be easy, however I can’t replicate the exact same thing.
I think the point is how the LFO works in a different way than, for example, Retrologue.
I’m getting close using my Moog Mother-32 by recording 2 tracks in two different octaves (because it’s monophonic).
Thank for your help!

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