Re: Cubase 6, Windows & and Bridging 32-bit Plugins

Hi Folks,

I just took the plunge to 64-bit. I’m looking forward to the improved performance of the new PC, but am bracing for the tedium and uncertainty of how seeing which plugins will work and which ones will not. :neutral_face:

I’ve read about bridging plugins, but I have no idea how to go about that. My understanding is that there is a Steinberg plugin and a for purchase plugin called jBridge.

My question is this:

Where can Steinberg’s bridge plugin (or function) be found. I did search the manual and plugins doc for “bridge” and found nothing.

Also, any luck with Waves 8 and jBridge? I’ve read in a few places that people are saying it works fine for them.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Dan

J-Bridge isn’t a Steiny plug, it’s 3rd party. Steiny does include a bridge, but it’s been a bit dodgy.

Thanks for the speedy response!

I will try the 3rd party plugin, but I’m still curious: where can the Steinberg plug in be found? Is it is .dll? Should it appear in the vst menu? I took a quick look a round and could not find it at all.

The newest updates (5.5.3 and 6.0.1) claim to have improved compatability and stability.
Has anyone tested this out? What were the results?
Should we still plan on using JBridge if we go 64 bit Cubase?


The Steiny bridge is built in, is enabled automatically for 32 bit plugs. No access, as such.

Thanks, mashedmitten (Nate?). That is exactly what I needed to know. :slight_smile:

For me, the built in “automatic” bridge in Cubase 6.01 works for everything I have except Waves. Be careful with Jbridge and Waves plugins, unfortunately Jbridge seems to be the only way to get Waves plugins into Cubase 64 bit but a project with a lot of Waves plugins (like a lot of mine) takes forever to load (sometimes 3-4 minutes).

There’s a workaround for the waves load time at, IIRC.

I have found in general the built in Cubase bridge is fairly limited, lots of my plugins don’t work correctly in it, gui issues, not loading, crashing etc…

Jbridge is a little tricky to setup at first but a million times more compatible with the majority of plugins out there… definitely the way to go, without it I would find it impossible to use 64bit Cubase…

To note that I found absolutely no different between the built in Cubase bridge in C5 and C6… both as dodgy as each other!

instead of starting a new thread i decided to continue this one. i had sonnox eq qorking fine, but then i had to do a re-install and now cubase 6 32 bit on a 64 bit win7 will not recognize the plugs.

I have gone into where you set the paths and updated, but it doesnt even show as a tick. I am lost… it worked three days ago. lol

Jbridge 1.3 was just released today and it loads Waves plugins WAY faster, Yey!

Well, I picked up jBridge, and despite following the instructions carefully I can’t get it to recognize Waves v8. Frankly, the way Waves installs confuses the hell of of me.

I tried to install Waves into the “jBridge” folder I created. The .dlls install in a different folder (D:\Waves). All that installs is the shell. I added the jBridge path to the plugins scan. No luck. Tried copying the .dlls from D to the jBridge folder. No luck (tells me it’s missing a file). I try copying all of the files from D;\Waves to jBridge folder. Nothing.

Pretty lot here… :cry:

It works perfectly for me and as I said, loads Waves a LOT quicker with Jbridge 1.3. What I did, because the built in C 6.01 bridge found everything but Waves, is; I made a folder called “Waves” and copied the Waves waveshell .dll there. Then when I started Jbbridge, I select “64 bit host” from the first prompt, then I de-select “create bridge foe 64 bit plugins…”, I personally then selected “Don’t add .32/64 in files…” because this allows projects created in C 32 to load the settings properly. Then, make sure you select the new folder “Waves” you’ve created as the 32 bit VSTplugins directory to be scanned and then, select the VSTplugins directory where your 64 bit plugins reside.
Good luck…

Thanks for the response, beatpete! I’ll try one again with your comments under my hat!

I have jBridge and am not that into it. Perhaps I just need to live with it some more but…

Why should I have to? This should be a complete fix by now! I should have all VSTs in my system detected by Cubase and available to load without any effort on my end. That’s what I pay for. I make music. You make kick-ass software.

VST is Steinberg’s creation and they need to step up the priority on this issue. Paid upgrades will cease for my system until I see the all clear on these threads.

That is all…


I’m not quite sure how you can be “into” software but, for me, the built in bridge works perfectly for all my 3rd party vst plugins EXCEPT Waves and that isn’t Steinberg’s fault but rather Waves for using their “waveshell” architecture. Jbridge works to get Waves into my 64 bit Cubase, I’m happy…

To spell it out…

When someone says they are either “into” or “not into” something, they are implying their level of interest about a subject, product, subculture, etc… and it could be anything b/c it’s an expressed opinion. It is derived from American slang and is pretty f@#!ng common.

jBridge costs extra money.
Not all plugs integrate as well as native VST.
There are some bugs with it to boot.
etc. (this abbreviation is also a common thing… it’s short for “Et cetera”)


On a serious note… I’m glad to see one person who is having success using Cubase 6 and bridging plugins.
Beatpeat… can you list a few plugin bundles you’re using with the factory bridge?

Built in vst bridge plugins off the top of my head:
Amplitube (all variations)
Kjaerhus GAG and GAC
URS Console Strip Pro
Voxengo Curve EQ
Sampletank II

beatpete - I have a the Golden Comp (GPP-1) from Kjaerhus. Curious, did you try this brand plugin with C6 before you moved to the jbridge?

Is it true what is being said here in this post, that Waves is the real problem and other brand plugins might be fine with the Steinberg bridge? Maybe I won’t have any problems? :smiley: