re Cubase 8 and Stylus RMX

Hi, when I go to load Stylus RMX on an instrument track, it keeps saying “SAGE folder not found”
Then it asks me if I want to search for the folder.
When I click Yes nothing happens.
The Stylus GUI opens as just a blank screen.

Anyone know what’s happening?

Thanks, Richie

I know I had this problem in the past as well (not w/ Cubase 8). I believe the issue is with the VSTi being in “always on top” mode that seems to conflict w/ the pop-up browser that allows you to choose where your SAGE folder is.

Try turning off “always on top” and see if that helps :slight_smile:

Just tried that, but it doesn’t seem to work. The only difference now is that this message appears:
“An exception occurred. Save your work and restart the application. The exception was thrown because of the plug-in: StylusRMX”


Stylus RMX is working here in CP8.

Here’s an idea - if your system is backed up!

Delete the shortcut RMX uses for the SGAE folder (instructions can be found at Time and Space or Spectrasonics)
Then when you launch RMX it should ask you to point to your SAGE folder.

Worth a try?

That’s the problem. After it asks me to point to my SAGE folder the GUI appears (blank) and nothing else happens.

themarqueeyears, I decided to re-install Stylus and it’s now working again. Still don’t know what the problem was.

Thanks, Richie