Re: Cubase Initializing even when is Cubase fully working

Hello Guys. A weird issue.

My Cubase (from version 10 to update 10.0.60) shows Cubase “Initializing” in windows task manager randomly, even when is Cubase running with already openned project. Sometimes that happens on start, sometimes durring work. Very often that leads to Cubase crash, but Cubase can’t be ended (killed, terminated) in windows task manager then. Therefore I can’t even restart PC, because that process is still hanging. It is not possible to terminate it. So I have to fully disconnect my PC from power. But most of the time… when it shows Initializing everything works fine. Sometimes I get dropouts after some time and then comes the crash and is not possible to do anything else in cubase, just to ungplug my PC from power. Because that frozen process can’t be killed

My PC is new, strong HW, with fresh install of windows. My Lantency Monitor shows perfect numbers. No issues, not spikes etc.

Any ideas, what is that?


What can you see, when you expand the Cubase item in the Task Manager, please? Can you see all valid windows?