Re Cubase randomly freezes

Hi, I’m using Cubase 7.5.2.

For some unknown reason Cubase freezes at irregular times.
There’s no particular thing I am doing that I can see causes this.
I have to shut down the computer manually as the mouse will not move and the Start button won’t work.

My Windows 7 (64bit) is fully up to date.

Maybe someone can help? I understand that I haven’t given much information, but just ask and I will supply same.



Having the same issue.
I posted this morning on “Issues”.

What did I do:
Think problem is with backup, so In disabled it in Preferences.
My Cubase projects are on a seperate HD, I gave this HD all rights.
I run Cubase as administrator.

If system stays stable I will turn back changes one by one, to see
what causes it. Will update you.

Thanks, never thought of running C7 as Administrator. I’ll give it a go.

Thanks TwanV, running as Administrator seems to have done the trick. No freezes so far.