RE: Direct Monitoring w/Verb Using Nuendo 5.5

Hi -

Can anyone provide configuration insight for using ASIO Direct Monitoring in Nuendo 5.5 and still allow for a comfort mix (i.e. reverb for vocalist etc.).

I have an RME HDSP 9652 card (w/ Total Mix).
I run Nuendo 5.5. and typically use the Control Room w/ one “studio” for doing vocalist work.
I have plenty of reverb plugins; however, they only work when monitoring via Nuendo.
I use a Presonus Central Station for control room monitoring etc. I typically use the headphone cue mix to send signal to the cans in the ISO booth.

What would be the best way to integrate a hardware reverb unit for cue mixes using the above?

I have read some articles that describe using direct monitoring and the DAW plugin with pre-fade sends; however, I cannot get anything like that to work.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I’m aware when in Direct Monitor mode all sound is routed via the interface, thus plugins will not work. unless the interface has onboard FX

You could maybe put the hardware reverb physically (as it were) in the headphone circuit, not ideal but at least it would work!

I avoid direct monitoring (Totalmix is SO much better for monitoring IMO) and use Bidule for loading reverbs and route them to to Totalmix for Cuemixes. Because RME HDSP cards are “multi client” you can use 2 programs using the same ASIO driver. You could use reverbs within Cubase, but then you have to set them up for each song, this way they just stay in the background. Can’t use Direct Monitoring though…

You can find Bidule here (although lots of programs would work):

Ah cool.

I use Vienna Ensemble Pro.

I am unclear when you say you don’t use direct monitoring. Are you still recording via the software (e.g. Nuendo), or do you check the direct monitoring box and use Total Mix for the cue routing having Bidule host the verb?

How do you configure?



Yes I use VEP as well although I’m not sure it would work for reverbs becuase it’s still associated with Cubase (Nuendo).
I unccheck the Direct Monitoring box in both Cubase 6 (same as Nuendo) and Totalmix and use Totalmix for all “live” input mixing, Cubase for recording and Bidule for cue reverbs (amongst other things).