Re-display previously hidden objects

How to re-display previously hidden time signatures?
The search didn’t return anything related to re-displaying previously hidden elements.

Enable View -> Signposts -> Time Signatures
Select the red flag, and you’ll be able to disable the hide property in the properties panel

Thank you Anders.
Can’t help reiterating the need for comprehensive update to the on-line Help.
In my opinion, the forum should be used for discussing conceptual and/or problematic matters, rather than asking such an elementary question.
(Just for the records: before posting my question, I searched the forum and the online Help, and none of the results yielded the functionality that Anders revealed for me).

Agreed - I check the forum board, the FB group, and do a Google search for “xyz in Dorico,” all of which has greatly increased my knowledge (also a lot of trial end error). Still, if we get a really good user manual, the wait will be worth it. I am starting to understand just how powerful the program is, which is not immediately apparent. And, I have to say, I am appreciating it more and more as I continue to work.

You really shall watch all the videos posted on Youtube’s Dorico channel. They are not that long, and those signposts must be taken into account somewhere :wink:

Let me respectfully disagree on that.
While I wholeheartedly join many thanks that were justly expressed to authors of these videos, videos - in my opinion - are a nice supplement to thorough text-based manual, where one can use intelligent notion-based search.

Yes, but the videos exist now, and the manual doesn’t, so…

Don’t get me wrong, Daniel.
I’m very appreciative of the innovation, richness, and depth of Dorico.
And that is why I want to be able to benefit from application’s features to full extent.
Also, I happened to discover first-hand how challenging it is to write clear comprehensive help files.

Excuse me for my previous short answer — this ‘manual’ topic has been treated a very high number of times. In case you don’t know, we have been told the writer hired to write the manual has started to work like ten days ago, so I do not think that asking for a manual NOW is doing any good to anyone. We ALL would like to have that great manual, so we ALL agree, but we won’t have it until it is written and Dorico’s team is handling the problem, at a human pace.
Nevertheless, we are pleased to help you (we, fellow Doricians) when we can and if it can save some precious developing (or family) time to our beloved programers !