Re-distributing staves not working this time

I usually have no problem highlighting two widely separated notes and using “Make Into Frame”, or the like, to bring some staves to where I want them. This time I want to even up the numbers of staves as best I can across the two pages. I do this all the time. This time, no joy.

Look under Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification to help Dorico space the staves to fill the page.

Hi @spencered
as @Derrek suggests, your layout settings have to be adapted to your particular project.

As you see in your example your frame fullness is just a little below 60%. Probably you are using the default of 60% for Justify distance between staves and systems when frame is at least…. If you change this value to 59% (or better58% to be sure), the staves will justify.

Thank you. I have two players playing, always simultaneously. Will the Vertical Justification adjustment automatically apply to both players or just one of the two?


It depends if the players are in the same layout, or on different layouts. (I hope I understand your question):

The Layout options are Layout specific. You can select one or more layout on the right of the Layout Options window whose settings you want to modify.
You can assign completely and independent different Layout options to the Full Score Layout so as any of the Parts layouts. Just be sure to select the desired layout on the right, before you change the settings,

At the beginning I suggest to modify a layout at a time an see the results (be sure to visualize the layout whose options you are changing, selecting it on the upper layout selector, so you can see immediately the changes you made after pressing Apply):

I’m slow at figuring this stuff out and keeping it in my head until the next time it comes up. This is gold for me. Thanks.

Here a couple of links that can help understanding/using this powerful functions better:

A nice guide by @benwiggy:

a couple of Manual pages suggested in that same thread by @Lillie_Harris :


and this video by @John_at_Steinberg (for Vertical Justification you can look at minute 36:00) :

(Please don’t credit yourself the solution. It will not help future folks with the same problem)


Hi @spencered I just noticed that maybe your request in your OP was about frame breaks (to have more or less the same amount of staves between the two pages, in you case would be 7 staves per page)?. In this case it is another issue. It looks like you have a Frame Break on bar 45, but I cannot see a signpost for it… Your described way to make music into frame should work. What happens if you put a frame break on bar 52? If you like you can share your project (or only this layout) so I can look at why there is a (invisible ?) frame break on bar 45.

Vertical justification works on systems: a system might have a single staff in it (in a flute part, for example) or lots of staves in it (in a full score or combined percussion part, for example).

For pages in the layout that are above only the first vertical justification threshold (the one that says “staves and systems”), yes both the systems on that page, and also all the staves within them, spread out. Imagine hands with the fingers outstretched.

For pages in the layout that are above the second threshold (the one that says “only between systems”), then systems on those pages will justify, but the staves within those systems will remain close together and only use the Ideal Gaps, plus Minimum Gaps where appropriate. Imagine hands with a gap between them, but the fingers pressed together.

@spencered, which exactly is the :white_check_mark: Solution?


My “Solution” was not mine, it was that of Christian_R on the topic of Vertical Justification. I should have clarified that.

You can clarify that by giving Christian the checkmark. In addition to being a courtesy to Christian, the checkmark precis his solution below the opening message of the thread.