Re-enabling warning/crash messages

When I select a kit pad in Groove Agent (Cubase AI9) to edit a percussion sample, I get a critical error dialogue box which effectively says, “save as new file, reboot Cubase, get in touch with Tech Support if this keeps happening,” then it provides a link to the error log/dump file.

Selecting “OK” acknowledges the message & closes out the window; if the error happens again, the message box comes back up; selecting “Cancel” acknowledges the message, closes the window, but prevents the error message from showing again.

I accidentally clicked “Cancel”, so when an error occurs now, there’s no clear indication that Cubase is now effectively in no-man’s-land.

How do I re-enable the ability for those error messages to show? I’ve looked through the Preferences options, but there’s no clear option or path to the option to re-enable the notifications.

Read through this older thread. You will see that if you delete a certain preference file it will reset this (I hope).

BTW… if you search in the CB manual for the term 'Please" and scroll through the many hits, you will see some information about this. This is one I copied from the CB9 manual:

“Please, don’t ask again
If this option is activated, files will always be imported according to the settings that you have made, without this dialog appearing. This can be reset in the Preferences dialog (Editing > Audio).”

The problem is that I do not see anything in the Preferences>Editing>Audio menu that accommodates this. Weird, wild stuff for sure. :wink:

If you do try this, please report back to let us know if this method still works in CB9 or not. Thanks.

Regards :sunglasses: