Re-entering pitches in selection (not transposing)

Hello there,

I couldn’t find the answer to the question that most likely has been asked and answered before.
How can I re-input notes without changing the rhythm (in Sibelius 7.* you do it by Option+Shift+N)?
Just to be clear: I’m not talking about transposing a note or selection.

Thanks in advance,
Igor Borodin

Click the padlock on the left side of the screen, Lock to Duration (shortcut L).

Thank you, Stephen.

Daniel, I can’t help to express soft reservation regarding the term “Lock to Duration”.
I admit that once you are told about it or discover it, its semantics do make sense.
But if one is searching for that feature - re-inputting pitches while preserving the rhythm - something more directly related to note input would be much more intuitive and thus easy to find.

Igor Borodin

I’ll second Igor’s reservation; for a long time I was confused about the difference between “Force Duration” and “Lock to Duration,” which sound quite similar, although they do very different things. Maybe “Re-pitch Notes”? (And thanks Igor for the Sibelius shortcut!)