RE glissandi in write vs. engrave modes

Hello everyone, first time posting here.

After using other notation programs for a couple decades I switched to Dorico a couple months ago. Brilliant design and I find it great that the team is so engaged with looking into the forums and making notes for future upgrades. Thanks guys.

Things like Glissandi lines can now be easily tweaked in the Engrave mode, thank you very much, amazing and very much needed upgrade.
Many of these modifications by default are not seen in write mode - Glissandi lines are a good example. Can these changes be shown in Write mode with an option I didn’t find yet?
or this is where we are at this point and perhaps in a future upgrade it will be looked into?

And for people that like to answer posts with ‘this was answered there’, please save your time doing that. Probably you are right but I also know how to use forums and this answer is not easy to find.


Welcome to the forum. To the best of my knowledge, glissando lines have not been significantly changed in the last few versions of Dorico (excepting playback).
The properties panel in Write mode shows most of the same properties for glissandi as the properties panel in Engrave mode, apart from the properties that relate directly to the visual start and end points of the lines. Properties that relate to visual appearance (as opposed to semantic properties) are consistently kept in Engrave mode, as they can (and often should) differ between layouts.
Are you missing the properties panel in Write mode, perhaps?

Thanks for your answer,
As you mention, I was only missing the visual difference, you see after I clean up some things such as the glissandi endpoints in engrave mode, or some slurs related to phrasing, then I keep working on Write mode and very often when reviewing back passages I find myself going back trying to fix lines that I already fixed.
Then I understand is a difference in Dorico modes I will need to get use to.

And by the way, I mentioned that the tweaking of the glissandi lines was new, my mistake, it was an old upgrade apparently. I guess I missed it was an old post I read when learning Dorico.


Most properties that are Engrave mode-only won’t apply when you’re looking at galley view.

I believe what you encounter isn’t a difference in modes, but a difference in view types. I assume you’re using Galley view in Write mode, right? If you change to page view, you should see all your edits.
There are some very big difference between page and galley view in how collision avoidance, vertical and horizontal spacing works, so a lot of the visual tweaking you do in Engrave mode won’t make sense in Galley view. I believe Dorico simply ignores most offsets in Galley view. Other tweaks, such as gliss text type, carries over.

You’ll often find that items can collide quite easily in Galley view, whereas Dorico makes everything look beautiful in page view, so I advice you to not bother too much about how things look in galley view.

This is all a bit of guesswork from my side. Does it explain what you encounter?

WOW! Thank you all for your responses.
For a week I was working only in gallery view of write mode.

All clear now.
Very best.