Re-Grouping Tuplets

Let’s say that in 4/4 time, I have a 9-note tuplet consisting of nine 32nd notes in the time of 8, so that the tuplet spans the time of a quarter note. Is there any way to change this to three sets of 32nd-note triplets that span the time of a quarter note? Is there something I can type into the tuplet popover that will group the nine notes into three groups of triplets?

Not sure you can do that “afterwards”. I’m curious to know how, if it is possible.
Otherwise, you can always nest three triplets of 1/16 notes in a triplet of 1/4… These ARE 1/16ths notes, right ?

[Edit] Alright, these could be 1/32ths notes :wink:

For detailed information, you can check pp666-8 in the manual ^^
Capture d’écran 2017-12-23 à 23.28.06.png
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Thanks, Marc. Nesting the triplets was the key. I first entered an eighth-note triplet, resulting in three eighth-note rests. Then I changed each of the rests to 32nd-note triplets using a ratio of 3:4. Using a ratio of 3:2 didn’t work, as it left a 16th-note rest at the end of the triplet group. Using a ratio of 3:4 completely filled in each eighth-note rest with three 32nd notes with no left-over rests.