re GUI track size

Hi, have to say I love the new Pro 8.
I do have a problem that you might be able to fix. When I click on a track it jumps to a bigger size than the other tracks. This only happens with some tracks, others just stay the same size.
Any ideas?


This is a user definable setting: Edit > Enlarge Selected Track…

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Just tried it. It works. Thanks BriHar.

That one was driving me crazy too. Nothing obvious in the manual to find the solution. Many thanks for taking the time to point it out. (Under “edit” huh? That would not seem to be the right place, programmer team…)

Page 135 :wink:

Right. And thanks again. I should have said, nothing in the table of contents, or the index, or the search function, to find that gem of info in the manual.

You can also cause it to happen by pressing “z” on the keyboard if I remember correctly.