Re: HALion 4 Customizability

I am starting to see a pattern that some people don’t like the HALion 4 colour. Therefore since HALion 4 seems to be all about customizability, why not apply that to GUI colour too? It’s just an idea - it ain’t rocket science!

Are you saying there’s a color tool and a way to customize the GUI?
If so where?
Or are you suggesting Steinberg add it to H4?

I think pretty much every “first impression” post that I’ve read so far, including mine, suggests that the interface color needs to be adjustable.

make it blue like cubase instruments ? or a color switch mode,
yes its a little dark for sure least on My eyes, its nice too my eyes do find it a little
hard at times …

I’m not minding the color in general.

Only small issue so far is in the ‘save as’ area the contrast is a bit much, and the column in that page doesn’t stand out well enough.

Hence the reason it needs to be adjustable…not black, not blue, not gray … but adjustable.