re horrible AERO theme

Yes, I realize that C8Pro won’t work without Aero activated, and yes, I have a graphics card that supports Aero.

My problem is… I DON’T LIKE AERO!

I’ve never used it, and now I’m forced to. It may not be a big deal to some, in fact some may even like it, and that’s fine. But it really is distracting me from making music.

Even though I forked out good money for the upgrade, I’ll be sticking with 7.5 for now.

Please could it be changed so it will run without this needless GUI?

Thanks :cry: :cry: :cry:

+1 It’s a pretty dreadful experience. Which is frustrating, as there is an overall improvement in performance. Still, I struggle with it this way and find it unpleasant.


It’s bad enough I’m considering running Stardock’s Windowblinds to see if it’s at all compatible in a way to reskin the window chrome.

If I have any success, I’ll report back.

Windowblinds themes are either Aero based or not…only the Aero based ones will work but will probably still have all the things you dislike about Aero.

I suggest upgrading to W8 and your problems around aero are solved.

Do you see the “minimize” and “restore down” buttons in Windows 8?

Yes I see them, why you ask that?

Win 7 here, so I was curious. MIA in Windows 7. My issues are not with the aesthetics.

I only have red ‘X’ to close here, main application window - Win 8.1

@zibelnik - are you looking at your main application window…? not the project window - I have minimise/restore there ok. I’m sure MickGael is on about the main app window…

It is all a bit funky for now and I’m sure they’ll get on to adjusting behaviour in the first update. I wouldn’t go fiddling and tweaking with 3rd party tools or experimenting with different drivers etc, just yet…

Im on 2 monitors and working with full screen mode. On left Cubase with only one main window, on the right mixer also in full screen mode. This way I get best behavior of mouse and also best optimized usage of monitors area. Also dark grey color of the window with menu at the top match the design of cubase perfectly.

To the people who like the Aero look, take a look at the Windows 8 “Metro Style” GUI. They made it simple because Aero is ugly and it’s not the modern look, also Aero uses resources and is causing problems.

To minimise all windows, you can right click on the Cubase Icon in the top left corner - minimise all in the menu that appears. This is windows 8.1, not sure about 7

Thanks for that tip…! I will try it.

@zibelnik - I am set up exactly like you… Yet, I don’t have any minimise/restore buttons at top-right corner of main app on left hand monitor (as was the question). Only see red ‘X’ to close here… strange.

Realy strange…

You still don’t get it?
Aero and Metro and all graphic takes zero resources. .but not on your bad tweak system because you using the Cpu instead.

I don’t see the problem, I really like it (and many others say the same in another thread) you can tweak aero via control panel and reg edit to do look how you want more or less. It instructs the GPU to use it’s own processor and ram making for faster execution. As it’s the first release, I’m sure the guys at Steiny will tweak it even more themselves in upcoming releases, and as I’ve said before, with win 10 release in February (I think) I’m pretty sure it will change even more!

have you tried it?

i couldn’t squeeze any juice out of it for aero. the non aero themes are sometimes really nice, but it brought no extras for aero so i got it of it.

You are misinformed. That is wrong.

Pssst. Windows 8.1 :wink:

I use Windows 8.1 on my main DAW. This is on a second computer (I move the dongle you should try it).