re-install cubase AI ??

i cannot re-install my cubase AI 4. i used an update from cubase but it gave the program a glitch so i uninstalled it. Now unable to re-install and it is taking hours and hours whilst the ‘moving files’ window loads with the usual green slide indicator edging up very slowly. Also during the loading it stops occasionally and a window asking me to varify that files exist?? (different file each time) i then have to choose between ‘cancel install’ or ‘retry’, retrying goes through the sane process again each time. Could it be that i need my M audio interface plugged in before i attempt the cubase install, maybe?? Anyone out there had this type of problem/

ste: First— Have you got your drivers installed properly from M-Audio :question: . My experiences have been
to un-plug a USB device (the USB cord) for installing an interface (install the Driver)then plug it back
in when told to do so from on screen directions.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: