Re-install Cubase and extensions

Hello everyone.
I have to reinstall Cubase and all extensions on a new PC. What do you think is the best architecture?
Everything (Cubase + extensions, Kontact, …) on disk C (NVME M.2, 2To) or Cubase prog on C and VSTs, Sounds library,… on another disk (standard SSD)?

How I install, is like this.

  1. The majority of DAW related programs, VST/i, and Standalone Instruments on a 250GB D drive.

  2. All sample libraries on a 2TB E drive.

  3. Cubase Projects on the F drive.

I only install, software like, VST Hubs, SAM, SLM, eLicencer, SDA and of such, on the 500GB NVME C drive.

Not sure how many drives you have, but if it’s two drives’, I would just install all programs on the C drive, at 2TB, you have plenty to play with, and run Projects and Samples on the other.

Just a matter of preference really.

The concern is to be able to make a correct and complete backup of the “User” elements which are scattered everywhere!

Hi Nico151063

Not quite sure what you mean by this. Could you please be more specific? “backup of the “User” elements”!

I do the same as @Prim_69 except I need 2 SSDs for the Libraries.

Regarding backups I’d recommend not being very concerned with what is or isn’t “User” content. You’d be better off backing up everything on a regular basis. It’s generally easier to setup and the computer does the actual work.

I perform automated daily backups of my System & Project disks. These consist of a full backup followed by a months worth of differential backups and then another full to repeat the sequence. The library disks do not get backed up daily since their content only changes every so often. So they get backed up after new content is added.

By “user elements”, I mean ALL user files like preset sounds for Cubase, Kontact and Arturia, audio/midi configuration for each program…

This would involve, relocating your Documents folder, but the hidden App Folder which may be home to some of the files you’ve mentioned, can not be relocated.