Re-install Lyrical Vocal Phrases

Hi, I bought the Lyrical Vocal Phrases plugin from Sonuscore through Steinberg Onlineshop and installed it on my laptop. now i have a new desktop and wanted to install the plugin on it via download assistant and used the same activation code. This is not allowed. does anyone know how i can install the plugin now?

Hi , have you been using a dongle , if so the licence can be either 1 soft licence or you need to install the licence on a dongle

Hi, I’m not using a dongel. Cubase 12 does not need it.

Im afraid in that case the lyrical phrases are soft licence and tied to the machine you installed them on . IF you had a dongle and used the Elicence then it’s possible to use them on what machine you want

I have a dongel of my Cubase 6 which I used before. Can that help?

If it’s possible to transfer the licence from soft too dongle then yes , i have a feeling that it’s the other way round that you can transfer from a dongle to soft licence but not the other way round , i would install the elicencer ,insert the dongle and go to my steinberg and see if it will transfer

Okay I will try. Thanks for your advice!

If your eLicenser-based license isn’t stored in an USB dongle, you can move it to another computer by going through the reactivation process detailed below: