Re-install on new computer

I downloaded Elements 10 (which I had on my crashed computer), but can not re-activate it. I also have it on anther computer - is that the problem? Do I need to deactivate it there first? How many installations can one have on separate comuters? Only one?


If your Cubase Elements license sits on the Soft-eLicenser, you can activate it on one system only. Though you can install it on multiple computers.

Why not? What is the problem? Which step from the Reactivation process doesn’t work for you?

When I start it up, it asks for an activation code, which entered, but then it says “no license to upgrade”
Resolved it - after downlaoding new e-licenser software and some (really too compliated …) run-around reactivating codes, doing maintenance, etc. - it finally worked.
Than for help anyway.


Correct. Reactivation is the way to go. No a new Activation.