Re install prev purchased software on new machine

To Support:
I used Cubase Artist 8 on my laptop with a USB dongle for a couple of years, I also show Basic FX Suite on my USB e-licenser.
My laptop disc crashed and now I need to reinstall the software on my daughters laptop temporarily, and then on a new laptop in a week when it arrives.

  1. After installing the dongle on the new daughters laptop I can see the two licenses but it appears that I may need an activation code again? is this true and where would I get this from? I think Artist 8 was bought online, and may have been a purchased as an upgrade from 7. How do I know or does it even matter if I purchase and upgrade version of Artist 8. I don’t see any reference to 7 on the dongle, but I know I was running 7 at some point in the past, and it was probably cheaper to purchase the upgrade from 7 in order to move up to Artist 8. I concerned about downloading the correct software and being able to activate what I download.
  2. Do I still need FX ? Again where do I get the activation code from. I believe I need this for certain VST’s?
  3. I also need to understand if there is a particular order of what should be installed first and the correct links to install from.

Seeking assistance.


You can download Cubase Artist 8 around the middle of this page:

“Basic FX Suite” came with an audio interface. Look for it under “Downloads Hardware” to the right: