re-install problem

Due to computer problems I had to re-install my Cubase Artist 6. But it stalls at the “Activate mp3 trial license” status. Its been at that status for like an hour now… What to do?

Are you sure there isn’t another window that’s opened up hidden waiting for you to press OK or Cancel?

I got some support and got it working… now my only problem is that my grace period update wont work… Keeps saying thats its incompatible with 64bit windows…

What keeps saying this…the actual update?..the activation?
Did you definitely download the right installer?
You need to explain exactly what is happening…and maybe make sure your elicencer control centre is up to date.

All is running smoothly now… thanks for the concern Grim and Thanks a bunch to Emil Hansson from the support team!

Cool…and good to hear you got well supported.