Re-install problems

I recently upgraded my MB to a Gigabyte Z77 I5 quad, meaning a complete re-install. I put the WL7 upgrade disk in, it told me to remove all dongles, which I did, it then asked me to insert the WL6 upgrade disk to check, which was OK. I then inserted the WL7 upgrade disk which ran for 3 seconds, and then got stuck in a 10 second loop asking me to remove all dongles. The disk LED was lit continuously during this loop.
The system is WIN 7 Ultimate on the above MB. Any suggestions please, as I run WL7 almost every day, and started using it when it was version 1.5 ages ago.

I never removed dongles during installation of either Cubase or Wavelab updates… What might be a good idea though, is to first download and install the latest e-Licenser software, and then skip installation of the older one during the WL7 upgrade.

Did you install wavelab 7 in the past?if yes you dont need to go through all that stuff. Just install wavelab 7.2.1 with the dongle inserted. Install the latest elicenser before.

Many thanks to PG and Arjan for this suggestion. It worked like a dream.