Re-installation of Absolute 2 without going through updates

I just finished erasing and reinstalling my complete PC system (using Win 10 now).

Instead of installing the different Cubase updates I purchased over time I now downloaded the Full installer for Cubase 8.5 (don’t need separate older Cubase versions)

My question: How do I handle
a) my Absolute VST Instrument Collection of which I also previously purchased the update to Absolute 2
b) the installation of my “stand alone” purchase of Groove agent 4

If I install the “Steinberg Download Assistant 1.2.0 · 82.4 MB” (from the Steinberg Absolute 2 Download page) first, can I then download and install all the different parts of the complete Absolute collection one by one (WITHOUT necessary prior installation of Absolute 1 and Groove Agent 4 ???

Would be great if someone could give some advice

d I

Yes, that’s exactly the purpose of the Steinberg Download Assistant application.