Re-installation of Cubase Elements 6

My old PC crashed, so I bought a new one.
I would like to reinstall my Cubase Elements 6, but I have lost the installer and activation code.
I still have my old harddisk with the program, but cannot open it from there.
What to do?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can find the installer on Steinberg web site: Support > Downloads > Cubase.

You don’t need the Activation Code anymore. Go thru the Reactivation process, please.

Hi Martin
Thanks for your answer!
Would you be so kind to (like to all the others) send me a link to the ISO file, so I can install on my new PC?

Most full installers for all unsupported Cubase releases can be found here:
Cubase | Steinberg

There is one for Cubase Elements 6 included as well.

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