Re-Installed Cubase 9.5, now ASIO drivers not being recognized

Hi all,
Thanks to Microsoft’s bungling of updates, the most recent attempt at updating Win10 on my machine resulted in the blue screen of death and my having to reset my computer. After that I was able to download Cubase 9.5.5 again and install it, but now there’s an issue: Cubase is recognizing the MIDI drivers of whichever USB interface I plug into my computer, but the ASIO drivers are NOT being seen and are not listed. I can’t record new tracks because of this because I have no ASIO drivers (other than the “Generic Low Latency Driver”). Has anyone seen this? I tried calling Yamaha only to find out they got rid of phone help,. Chat help? Never got a soul to help me in two days of trying. Email? The address listed on the site bounced back. HELP! Thanks!

It is possible that the driver is not compatible with the operating system, hence it is not being recognized. I suggest that you try to download and install an older driver to check if it works.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for responding. Seeing as I had to reset (thereby re-installing Win10, essentially) I suppose it’s possible. I might just give it a shot.

Turns out that I had to go online and manually download/install driver packages for my USB interfaces.
Before, when I plugged in a new interface, the drivers just seemed to download and work with Cubase all by themselves somehow. Not so after this Win10 reset.
Silly how simple/rookie this was. Ugh.