Re-installed Dorico 3.5; now getting "missing fonts" warning

I had to do a full re-install of my Big Sur OS (erase and restore, etc.) and re-installed Dorico 3.5 from scratch. Now upon opening I keep getting the following. I understand the “BopMusic” being missing (as I haven’t re-installed), but what about all the “Petaluma” warnings (since I presumed Petaluma was installed along with Dorico?) Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

Pentaluma does not have an italic variant (although the screen can create a faux italic of the font). The absence of a Pentaluma Italic print font is why the warning appears. IIRC it does not affect your ability to use Dorico other than facing the warning when you open the program.

Anyway to get rid of that warning permanently?

  • D.D.

Check the Preferences :wink:

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