Re-installing 32 to 64, error message, etc - Cubase 7

Hi there!

I have bought a new Mac, and my previous installment was 32bit, so now I need to re-install everything but choosing the 64bit version. First I checked the Cubase 7 ‘‘check info’’ and unchecked the ‘‘start in 32bit’’, but Cubase was still in 32bit so I guess I need to install again and choose 64bit? Don’t really remember if that even was an option.

Anyways. My question is, what will happen to all my VST:s, project templates, etc if I first uninstall, then install. Will i have to install them again? If yes, Is there a way to keep everything as is and just reinstall?

Another issue I had before when upgrading to the latest Cubase 7 update about 5 days ago, I had to manually go open ‘‘terminal’’ and write in some code to remove a message I got when trying to install, it said “You have the wrong Mac version, you must at least have OS 10.6” (or something similar). Is there a way to bypass this the same way with the Start Center installment? I tried to approach it the same way but I have no idea what to do in order to bypass that message.


NVM, I downloaded Cubase 8.5 trial and everything works.
Ignore this thread! :slight_smile: