Re-installing after replacing hard drive

Hi I have just replaced my hard drive on Mac OSX Catalina. I am trying to re-install Cubase 12 Pro. Where do I get my download code, remove the old computer registered as user by Steinberg & register the new drive name?


With Cubase 12, you can use the license up to 3 computers. Just login to your MySteinberg account at the new computer in the Steinberg Activation Manager application and you are ready to go.

Thanks for your help.

I have been searching MySteinberg for quite a while now and cannot locate the Steinberg Activation Manager so I can load it. I no longer have the eLicense Control Centre application as I have a new head drive. I have read the page in the support centre and I cannot make sense of it.

Can you explain further?



Google knows the address immediately: here.

You don’t need the eLicenser Control Center for Cubase 12 license anymore.

Hi Martin

Are you a Steinberg employee?

I have now loaded the Steinberg Activation Manager. But I do not have an activation code and cannot see that I have stored it & MySteinberg has not stored it. I am unable to download the app

Peter Jovic


Cubase 12 doesn’t come with the Activation Code. What exactly do you mean, please?

Which application do you mean, please?