Re-Installing Cubase Studio 4 after 10 years!

I am re-installing Cubase Studio 4 on my newer Computer [WIN10 Pro 64bit] and I managed to install version 64bit.

Also the Latest Licenser, which went fine and it also did update its database.

It now expects me to enter an Activation Code and upon logging in Steinberg, it states: There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate…

Are we going insane?

Where can I get that?

So, what do I do?

At this point I only need that apart from another thing: is version 5 a free upgrade to version 4? I think it was ‘at the time’

Steinberg, can you help get on with it?

Thank you


I had to re-add licenser - good job I had an old licence to enter!

Then licenser listed it [them - i had more than one licence!]