Re-installing obsolete Cubase plug-ins?

Hey guys,

I just opened an old project from Cubase 5 days, and half of my Cubase plug-ins are now obsolete giving me the “missing plug-in” alert:

Cubases’ - Dynamics
Cubases’ - Q

In this case, I’d rather not have to re-mix it again but am wondering:
Is there a way to copy settings into a new plug-in eg. VSTDynamics? Or, are these old plug-ins available anywhere to download?

thanks in advance!


I can’t see that copying settings across would work; most plugins will behave differently to each other.

IIRC if you install Cubase SX3 then you’ll get those plugins, which you can then copy from SX3’s plugins folder into one used by later versions, and then they’ll be available; I know that works in practice, just not 100% that those plugins are included with SX3 (been a while!)

You might also consider re-installing C5 in a separate folder. This shouldn’t have any impact on your current installation of Cubase - just be mindful and in control of the plugin folders i.e. I wouldn’t necessarily advise sharing between versions.

Thanks guys a de-grade back sounds logical, I’ll give it a go and hopefully not mess anything up with C7…

It shouldn’t mess anything up… I have SX3 through 7.5 on my laptop, and they all coexist without issue, and have a “shared” VST plugins folder where ‘my’ plugins are, which they all use (and in some cases blacklist differently).

Great, thanks djaychela!