I’ve put C12 on a new computer. My old one is old, tired and slow.

The route to licensing the new download on the new machine is so convoluted and the Steinberg website is contradictory.

Can anyone help in a step-by-step fashion to help me get my software licensed? I’ve emailed Steinberg but have received no reply



Install Cubase 12 and Steinberg Activation Manager, please. Start Steinberg Activation Manager and login to your MySteinberg account. Click the Activate button next to Cubase 12 license. Done.

If you want to release the license from the old computer, start the Steinberg Activation Manager in the old system and click the Deactivate button there.

You can use one Cubase 12 license on up to 3 computers (even simultaneously).

Steinberg Activation Manager ‘(Not Responding)’


Make sure, you have the latest version installed, please. Make sure, the software is not blocked by any antivirus or firewall.

Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.40 - latest version?

Adblock off, Firewalls off, AV off

Still won’t open

So Activation Manager works on my old machine but not the new one.

I’ve turned the firewall, anti-virus and ad blockers off, Still won’t start.

I started the new machine up in ‘safe’ mode. Still nothing

Will Steinberg email me an activation code when they get round to answering my email?

From the horse’s mouth:

How many computers can I use with a new license?

You are allowed to install our products on multiple computers, but you can only activate a product on three computers at any one time. A single-user license is intended for a single person, and it is not permitted to use the software simultaneously on three computers. If you run out of activations, you can deactivate a license from one of your computers before activating it on a new one.