Re-live the glory days

Just imagine running C6 on this… neo-retro! :wink:

:mrgreen: :ugeek: :mrgreen:

Tis a thing of beauty :sunglasses:

I still miss No idea why, mine destroyed two power supplies (probably because I wired in a couple of 2mb memory chips. Whooo!) :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Was that prior to the 1040ST or is that the same thing? We had one in our studio back around 1987 I believe, cant recall the configuration, but the fact it did colour when our Mac SE’s couldn’t, made it a little drool-worthy!

Mine was a 1040 STFM, I bought it for my six-year-old son’s birthday. Just before his birthday a couple of characters turned up to my computerless 8-track studio to record six songs. I figured that would be three days work but they brought with them a Roland MT32, plugged the stereo output into the recorder and three days work turned into a half-day overdubbing guitar and vocals! That evening I noticed the midi sockets on the Atari and that was the start of my computerised music involvement. A long and rocky, but enjoyable road. :sunglasses:

My son got what he really wanted for his 7th birthday and I got his Atari. Apart from that I think I was good to my kids. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Good one! We started out with the Roland MSQ-700, pre-computer really, great little hardware sequencer. Cassette interface and all. Sweet! :mrgreen:

Did he follow in your footsteps by any chance?

No - he’s a graphic designer, he never showed any interest in making music. My youngest son, who’s 15, is an ace drummer. We play the occasional gig together - there’s definitely a familial empathy/synchronicity going on! Like me though (at his age) he thinks everyone over the age of 21 is past it and not worth bothering with. He makes an exception where I’m concerned though, because I give him money. :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I had an Apple IIe with twin disc drives; IIRC their capacity was a HUGE 128 kb. I had a sequencing program made by Passport; I believe it was 2-tracks (you could overlay MIDI channels for a total of 32 MIDI channels). Cubase 6 is about 10 million times more advanced – literally

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum.
Anyone remember those?

This is it:

48K RAM!!! :smiley:

Yeah remember the Spectrum.

I saved up and got one of these.

1Kb Ram unexpanded :laughing:

Someone actually got it to play chess in 1Kb

First one I played with beyond the Sinclair, didn’t like it… we figured computers would eventually take all our jobs !!! :laughing: (affectionately known as the Trash 80 - actually the Tandy TRS80 model 2)

First one I owned…

Wrote lots of tunes on that one! My SE had two floppy drives but no hard disk and cost $4500.00. Eventually added a giant 20Mb SCSI external on later… oooh! :wink: