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I finally had a chance to really sit down with the iPad version and wanted to start by saying that I think it is astonishing that you’ve managed to make it almost identical to the Dorico pro desktop version - especially when I plug in a USB hub and use an external mouse and midi keyboard. This program is truly a game changer so thank you very much. My one question (and sorry if this has already been covered): Are there any technical limits with iOS preventing you from adding things like condensing, cues, and especially “explode“ and “reduce“ to the iPad version? Otherwise, I would gladly welcome these features and would certainly pay extra for them if needed (especially “explode“ and “reduce“). Thanks and just curious -

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Dorico for iPad is designed to mimic Dorico Elements rather than Dorico Pro, so it does not have all the features Pro has on the desktop.

True (though the iPad version does offer “unlimited” vs 24 players for Elements). I am still curious, though, whether there are any technical limitations preventing them from eventually offering a version of Dorico for iPad with condensing, cues, and “explode“ and “reduce“, etc (which I would certainly be happy to pay extra for). Or: if there is no technical limitation, perhaps even better they could simply offer these features only for those who already own the full desktop version of Dorico Pro (to incentivize more iPad users to buy it?)

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In theory we could run all of Dorico Pro’s features on iPad, yes: particularly recent iPads from the last couple of years are of course comparably powerful to current Apple silicon-powered Macs. But a lot of work would be needed to ensure that the user experience is optimised for the smaller form factor and different interation idioms.

So the reasons for not doing this are more practical than technical: what is the opportunity cost of focusing on the iPad version rather than the desktop version? (Since we can’t do everything we want, as we are limited by the number of people we have available to work on the software and the amount of time we have in our all-too-short human lifespans.)

It just feels that since Condensing (and Dorico Pro’s implementation of cuing) are such standout features of the program that they would be natural to port in the absence of a technical roadblock. Having said that, it to me particularly feels even more strange to currently not have access to Explode (and Reduce) on the iPad (which I otherwise use all the time). So I guess I’m just hoping that there will be a way to allow some of these features to make their way to iPad (just as you expanded the number of players beyond the limit in Elements, etc). - perhaps as a bonus for Dorico Pro users (or for more $). My two cents but thanks again for the program -

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