re-naming parts in C6

Would some kind user tell me how to change the name of a part when moved from one track
to another. E.G. A part first takes the name of its parent track. But when the part is moved to
another track with a different name, it still retains the name of its parent track, but I would like
it to take the name of the new track.
In earlier versions of Cubae, a double-click with the ALT key held down would do this.
Thanks WLDN37

Not at DAW, but I think this works:

Select it (click on it once), double click on the name of the part in the info line at the top of the screen (you may have to make it visible by right clicking and choosing it to be displayed), retype to give the part the name you want, hit enter.

Hope that does it for you!

MIDI parts work this way, audio doesn’t. I Bounce Selection, but it’s erratic as to results sometimes ther take # stays, sometimes not.

Not true - Alexis is right. You have to change it in the info line and the audio part name will change with it (and the audio file name, IIRC). This has nothing to do with bouncing.

Many thanks to you Alexsis. This works for both MIDI and audio in my C6 WIN 7

Sorry about spelling your name incorrectly.

You’re welcome, davewill, and no worries about that!

There is a preference in 6.5:
“Parts Get Track Names
If this is activated and you move an event from one track to another, the moved event will automatically be named according to its new track. Otherwise the event will retain the name of the track it was previously on.”

I haven’t ever used it - does it do what you want?