Re-notate from slow 4/4 to quick 4/4, doubling note values

Surely someone else has faced this dilemma. I’ve notated a piece in slow 4/4 which is correct in terms of the pulse of the song. Yet, now there are so many complex 1/16 note rhythms I think this would be more readable if notated in a fast 4/4 so people are reading more quarters and eights.

Is there an easy method to double the time value to every note in the score?

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Turn on Insert Mode (I)
Write > Edit Duration > Halve Note Duration


Incidentally, the reason that you need to turn on Insert Mode is to give Dorico permission to decrease or increase the amount of time the music takes up. This is obvious if you’re only applying the operation to a few bars (within a larger flow) but not if you’re applying it to the whole flow.