Re-number layout prefixes

I LOVE the layout prefix numbers. My PDFs now export in score order!!!

But I’d like the ability to “reset” the numerical order of the layouts after I’ve changed their order in Setup mode. I have to do it manually–not a big deal, but I’d love a single click to re-number them by their new order.

I assume this is a new feature “in progress.” Can this reset functionality be considered for the future? Thanks.

You mean you’d like to renumber them according to the order in which they’re listed in the Layouts panel? I agree this would be useful.

Yes, exactly. I often drag to re-order as I create new layouts, so the numbering ceases to be sequential. Thanks for considering.

Daniel, could we also have the option to include ALL layouts in the numbering, not just the part scores?

I typically would prefer:

Song 01_Full Score
Song 02_Flute 1
Song 03_Flute 2
Song 04_Clarinet, etc.

Thanks for considering!

We discussed this but thought that it was more common for each type of layout to be numbered independently. But we could consider this at least for the renumbering step, I guess.