Re-numbering Markers


Some of my work involves editing interviews. While I’m editing the interview, I create topic markers so I can find my way around the discussion. Often, after all the markers are inserted, I want to either

a) move a section of the interview earlier or later, because it fits better in the new place.
b) add a new marker between two existing markers.

When I do either of these things, the markers remain numbered in the order they were created. That means they’re out of sequential order in the Markers window.

  1. Is there a way to re-number the markers in the window to the new sequential (timeline) order? And if not, can you please put that on a wish list?

  2. I believe I already asked for a function to export the information from the Markers window to a text file. That would be incredibly useful for telling people what topics were covered in the interview. If this feature has been added, please let me know.


In both the Marker Track’s Inspector and the Marker window you can hand edit the numbers. But only one by one, not the full list in one shot. You can however sort them by the Position Column so they are in the same order as in the Project (or even alpha sort the Descriptions).

I pretty much ignore the ID Numbers most of the time.

Fastest reply I’ve ever received in this forum and a great answer. I edited one number, re-sorted the numbers column in the marker window, and now the markers are in sequential order in both the project window and the marker window. Brilliant. Thanks, Raino!

ctrl+m -> rename the markers

Thanks, Xerix!