Re Older Compositions - does anyone know

I collaborate with a guy who used to work on Cubase on the old Macintosh Apples. I started on Cubase 5

We were trying to get his old MIDI files he composed in Cubase (early VST version) from some tunes made years ago we want to work on, but I tried helping him and we both didn’t get access to them.

we tried to DL earlier versions of Cubase with my elicenser in his MacBook so he could access them, but some of his old plug ins, version numbers and the fact that I work on PC so couldn’t troubleshoot so good, meant that we got nowhere!

I haven’t even tried but he says that Cubase 7 wont open them as they are the old .arr files

does anyone who has used Cubase for years have a solution I feel some of you will have had this problem if you have studios and clients come back to work on old stuff?

Did you try this: