re-opening the right mixer configuration

It will be great that, when a load a cubase project, the mixer window shows the configuration which was selected when the project was saved.
When a load a project, the mixer window shows me the good one visually, but the mixer configuration drop down menu button is not on the good one.
I apologiez if I am not clear, but the problem is if I do not select manually the right configuration, changing will not be applied to the right configuration…

If I understand your request correctly I think you want to have your project open the same as when you last saved and closed it. If that is what you want, take a look at the Cubase File>Preferences>General menu. In that menu you will find a dropdown named “Open Projects in Last View Used”. Choose the option “Always” from the dropdown.

This option may help you but, the available options don’t work like I think they should. That’s why this feature request (and many other similar ones) are posted.

Regards :sunglasses:

ok I’ll try this thanks

well it doesn’t work :frowning: