re-opening the right mixer configuration

re-opening the right mixer configuration when reloading a project.

If i saved my project, while the mixer window was on the configuration number 3, please, reopen this mixer configuration when i reload the cubase project.


I have three monitors. The mixer does not remember which monitor it was on if the mixer was open to full screen. Always opens on the first monitor. After reopening the project or after pressing F3. This is a long time since the old versions, 8, 9 and 10 too.

Just a thought, are you sure you do not have energy save mode on your monitors (goes to standby before PC or simply slow to awake), and windows do not find/identify them as you “wake up” and there by windows defaults to screen 1?

I have disabled all power saving, sleep mode, turning off monitors and usb ports, etc. and etc. I understand this.
Read carefully. This does not work even after closing and opening the mixer again and on the key F3

ok, got it.

It happen to me too. The workaround is to maximize by hand leaving some pixels around the mixer.
Otherwise the mixer goes always to the main screen.